Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kiddo Cubby

It is my fervent belief that every kid needs a fort. I remember growing up, some of the most fun we had was tearing apart the living room, fashioning grand creations out of blankets, couch cushions, the coffee table, etc. I saw this great idea on Pinterest:
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I thought I could easily adapt this for my little one's bedroom with little cost. I was right! Luckily my mom is one trip to Joann's short of being on hoarder's, so I raided her stash of fabric instead of spending my own money. The old shower curtain I had wasn't adjustable to a short enough length, but she had an extra one of those too.

We moved a bookcase from one side of her crib to the other, opening up this space. I purchased the foam floor squares from Sam's a while ago (grr for the impulse buy), but we hadn't really had a place to use them yet. The play kitchen got moved up from our living room, which was beginning to look less like a space for entertaining and more like a daycare facility.

I added a pillow for comfort and a canvas crate for books and toys:

 I adjusted the tension rod to about 4 feet wide. The curtains are about 32 inches long. The flannel fabric is standard 42" wide and we had 2 yards, so 1 yard for each panel. We just did a simple roll hem on all four sides, then a 3 inch casing at the top. In the original blog, they made a full cube out of PVC pipe and used bed linens to fully encase the nook, but I didn't think all that was necessary. Maybe once she gets older I'll put a top on it, but I'll probably just use another tension rod along the back and use that to make a more tent-like atmosphere. I probably shouldn't add that my husband was all for putting up a white picket "fence" (i.e. cage) instead of the curtain.

 The finished product!


It feels good to be among the living again and working on Pinterest projects!


  1. I want one!
    My kids...and husband...make the BEST forts!
    I'll have to show off your genius. They'll love it!

  2. Aren't forts fun? A really enjoyed playing in it a lot today. I'm sure as she grows older, she'll just enjoy it that much more!