Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Trail Mix

My 9-month-old daughter's school doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. "Friendship Week" is somehow more politically correct I guess? So her class doesn't swap Valentines (too bad I had already made the mailboxes before I found that out), instead they'll do a snack swap on Friday.

Favorite snack? She's a baby! She eats puffs!?!

I send in canisters of puffs all the time, so it felt kind of lame doing that for a special occasion. Instead, I created a baby trail mix of some of her favorite finger foods.

1 cup "yellow box" Cheerios
1 cup chocolate Cheerios
1 cup puffs
1/2 cup yogurt melts
This made just enough to fit into my empty puffs container!
So tell me, what would your little darling enjoy in his or her trail mix?

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