Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello?!? Is anyone home?

I know all my fervent followers (ahem) have been wondering where I've been all week. Well apparently the 1940s were as hard on me as my students. I wasn't feeling well toward the end of the Great Ration Experiment and over the holiday weekend, I spent 90% of my free time in bed. By Monday, I absolutely had to go to the doctor. Turns out I had pink eye, strep throat, an ear infection, and a sinus infection. Thank you, daycare.

My students are currently working on their self-reflections. I'm looking forward to reading their interpretation of the week's events and will share with you, my loyal readers, what they have to say.

I am pleased that other teachers have contacted me wanting to know more about our little project. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to bounce ideas off others and especially appreciate when other dedicated teachers help me do my job better.

Keep Calm and Carry On!

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