Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When all else fails...

...try a glue gun.

Sewing was obviously not on the table last night. Tonight either, apparently, but more on that later.

Squirt, pretending she's bashful.

This is what I did with my time last night since the jacket wouldn't cooperate with me.

First, I started with this headband. It was part of a 3-pack. I liked the black and the white one, but this is a bit froo-froo.
The first thing to do is get rid of the ridiculously sized flower bow. It couldn't just be sewed on, it had to be glued on too.

Then, since I mutilated the nylon getting that off, I had to resew it. Lost some of the length. Boo.

Next I had to cut circles. I didn't want felt flowers that were too big, so this circle is just over three inches in diameter (That's all the way across. Your math teacher would be ashamed.)

Make sure when you cut out the circle you leave ALL the marker on the discard pile. Even a little dark edge will look ugly on the final product.

 Next, I started on the outside and cut a swirl toward the center. What I finally learned from other posts was to make the swirl wavy too, so the flowers have more dimension.

Finally, roll them into roses. Don't glue as you go on your first attempt. You'll get a different look depending on whether you start from the inside and roll out, or outside and roll in. Decide what you like. I finally decided outside in after eight attempts. Or was it inside out?

 I decided the flowers wouldn't stick to the nylon very well, so I took felt scraps and sewed a base.

Then I glued the rosettes to the headband. Ta Da!

Daddy will never let me wear this in public.

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