Monday, January 23, 2012

Here it is, the profound post you've been waiting for. Why in the world would I do a blog? I know you're wondering this. I already work, have an eight (almost nine!) month old, and a crazy addiction to everything Pinteresting. I've spent the last couple weeks trying to formulate a reasonable response. I have several theories. But first I have to decide what this blog will be about. Here are my favorite things to talk about (not necessarily in this order):

1. my daughter
2. my dogs
3. my husband (Who has expressed in no uncertain terms that he should not be discussed. Broke that rule twice tonight.)
4. kids at school (Hmm, limited on this unless I want to lose my job. Now there's an idea...)
5. Pinterest
6. recipes, especially Weight Watchers-friendly ones
7. sports
8. current events

Maybe I spent too many years taking education classes, but I swear I can hear my officemate Boyd yelling, "But there's no over-arching THEME! There must be a THEME! I don't care if the kids like tie-dying. It's not part of the THEME!"

So what's my theme? This is the profound part. Everyone who loves Pinterest loves browsing it for ideas. Sure, I like that part. I even like trying the stuff I find. But that's not my favorite part. I obsessively check to see how many people have repinned my stuff. Not the stuff I like. The stuff I made. But you're limited to what you can post if you don't have your own website. That's why my hubby said I needed a blog. Because I can't get past my eleven-year-old desire to be validated. I think I've been teaching sixth graders for too long.

So it doesn't matter to me (or hopefully Boyd) if one night I post something cute my daughter did, or something disgusting the dogs did, or a low-Points recipe I invented, or something I made, just as long as you like it. 

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