Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The post that was never meant to be.

I was really in the mood to make something last night, so I set off to attempt this super-cute ruffled jacket from this site.

First, I had to figure out how to use the gathering foot on my sewing machine. Wait, scratch that. First I had to figure out that my machine has a gathering foot. There's a reason I keep the user manual at arms' length.

This is a gathering foot. Who knew?
Once I had that figured out, and it was surprisingly easy, I thought I was good to go. Nope. The ruffles I made, while very cute, are out of leftover cotton from Squirt's baby quilt. Cute fabric, but it's going to fray. A lot. I don't think I can take that.
Right to left: Original 1.5"x42" strip (folded in half), gathered strip, extra gathered strip.

So then I decided I would use some heather gray knit fabric I had in my scrap bin. Not girly like I was going for, but it would do. Cut the strips, off I go. Jammed my machine. Grr.

In the process of trying to get the fabric OUT FROM UNDER THE FEED DOGS, the needle went through my thumb. Ouch. But I didn't get blood on the project, so I was still okay.

Take two. MASSIVE FAIL. This time I had to cut the fabric out and use my seam ripper to claw out the remaining scraps.

Time for bed.

Next day, take three.

I gave up on the gray knit. I thought maybe it was just too soft and wasn't going to cooperate. I had a friend give me some old tshirts, so I found a pretty pink one, cut the strips, off I go.


My machine is broken.

What did I do to it last night?!?


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