Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, it's not going to be profound, but I do have something fun to share tonight. And by fun, I mean insanely rewarding for all you CDO (that's OCD, but in alphabetical order the way it should be) types.

I cleaned my Dyson vacuum. I do this somewhat frequently, but hadn't done it in awhile. I saw a post on Pinterest that recommended doing it every 3-6 months, and I'm pretty sure it's been longer than that for me. I hadn't met my Pinterest quota for the day, but I also didn't have much motivation. Staying up all night listening to the weather radio and tornado sirens will do that for you.

The popular link off Pinterest didn't work for me because my model - the animal one- is styled much differently than the one with the handy dandy pictures.

No worries, I just googled "how to clean dyson animal canister" and got to this ehow article. I would make a better version of this article (i.e. with pictures of course) but I don't think getting sued because someone trusted my advice and ruined their $400 vacuum by pouring water into the motor is a good way to start this blog. Let ehow get sued. I might have felt nervous rinsing the filter with water except I've done it before. I'd never rinsed the inside though, and that was NASTY. I must have shouted something alarming, because that's when my husband came by to investigate. He DID freak out that I had the most important part of our $400 vacuum in the utility sink, but when I told him I'd done it before, he left me alone. If you've ever shampooed your carpets and know what that first full reservoir of discarded water looks like, you know what I'm talking about.

The only crucial step I felt the article left out was air drying. I left both the filter and canister out to dry overnight. Everything will be like new tomorrow. And then I can vacuum enough dog hair off my floors to make a new dog. Every day.

Maybe I should clean out my canister every month....

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