Monday, June 4, 2012


I am so so so far behind on blog posts. If I think about posting, but don't actually do it, does that count? If so, I'm on top of things and you're just days behind in your reading. :)

I'll do some quick posts of what I was up to in the month of May.

Mother's Day Craft

I bought these adorable felt heart ornaments at Target's after-Christmas sale 3 for $0.10! That made it affordable for the whole sixth grade to do and we tied in a symmetry lesson as well. The kids had fun making them and I think most of them even made it home! I know moms love getting handmade gifts from their kids, no matter how old they get!

My favorite moment of the day was when I was setting all the supplies up one of the boys said, "Are we making Mother's Day gifts?"
"Yes, we are."
"Oh good. 'Cause I'm flat broke."

At least he knew he needed to do something for his mom!

Space Bowl

On a whim, I decided to stage a parents versus kids Space Trivia Bowl right before the kids went to Space Camp. I had about a dozen parents show up, which was awesome. Maybe if I do it again with more warning, more can come. Anyway, all the parents and about half the kids got buzzers. We had to do it in Dana's room because the software and hardware wouldn't communicate with each other using my laptop. I finally just gave up. I made about about 30 questions on everything from Sputnik to the Shuttle program. Garrick had the highest score of course, but I was able to throw in a couple trick questions that stumped even him. A fun time was had by all. :)

End-of-Year Gifts

For the last day of school, I made little gift boxes for all my students. It was pretty inexpensive; about $1 per kid, and again, I think most of them made it home. Anytime I do these kind of things I have to accept the fact that about 25% of the kids really won't care at all and will throw it away on the way out the door, 50% will at least keep it for a little while, but 25% of the kids will really appreciate it. I do it for that 25%.

Here's the poem that goes with the items:

A little box of hope 
A star so you can shine in the darkness 
An eraser for life's little mistakes 
A paperclip to help you hold it all together 
A rubber band to remind you to be flexible 
A marker to make your mark on the world

You can be as creative as you want and work within your budget to make pretty much any little items work! My steal was the favor boxes- dollar section at Target, 5 for $0.30! They weren't even marked on sale, so that was a bonus when I got to the register!

So that was the end of another year in sixth grade. What a crazy, whirlwind year! Who knows what next year will bring? Keeping my fingers crossed that someone will realize 32 kids in a class is RIDICULOUS and give us our fifth unit back. Until then, I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to focus on my Honduras trip and making the most out of the days I get to spend there! I already have my first blog post in my head. Maybe this week I'll get it down on "paper". :)


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